Alpha Omega Publications continues to add exciting, homeschool-friendly features to its new online homeschool curriculum, Monarch! The latest updates to this Internet-based curriculum for grades 3-12 include several new elements:

School year terms are now visible for Monarch users! From either the "Lesson Plan/Assigned Work Tab" or the "Administration/Curriculum Setup/Assigned Tab," parents now enjoy seeing Monarch curriculum grouped by the year the course content was purchased. This convenient, at-a-glance listing quickly eliminates any confusion between past completed courses and current curriculum assignments for families with multiple Monarch students. Additionally, parents can now assign all courses to a single student in one easy step, even courses purchased in different years!

Two other improvements that are sure to please have also been made to Monarch. Homeschool parents logging into Monarch's Welcome Page for the first time may find assistance with links to Teacher and Student User Guides, as well as a free training webinar that includes information on how to assign subjects, select school start and end dates, generate reports, and unassign lessons or school days. Plus, Monarch messages sent between parents and students are now sorted chronologically and include identification features like the sender's first name, subject, and date sent.

Current Monarch users with questions about these new features may contact Monarch technical support online or call 888-881-4958. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).