From showering our youngsters with unbridled affection to giving them a better grasp of their heritage, grandparents play an important role in the fabric of our families. On September 9, celebrate National Grandparents Day with these six ways to thank your Nana, Grandma, Oma, Opa, Grandpa, or Paw-Paw for his or her inviting lap, entertaining anecdotes, amazing recipes, and infinite wisdom about life experiences.

1. Invite grandparents to your homeschool class to talk or just observe.

2. Create a custom card wishing Grandma and Grandpa a special day.

3. Make a list of reasons "Why I Love Grandpa/Grandma" and share it with them.

4. Start a tradition with your child and their grandparents.

5. Interview a grandparent and turn it into a story as a writing assignment. Make it a photojournalism project by including images.

6. Design a family tree on poster board or make a scrapbook about your child's grandparents.

What do you most appreciate about your grandparents?