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But don’t just take our word for it. Ask the Duggar homeschooling family from Springdale, Arkansas, about the tested and proven results of SOS. With 17 children and number 18 expected in January 2009, this well-known, busy Christian dad and mom have discovered the winning combination of homeschooling and Switched-On Schoolhouse!

With automatic grading, SOS eliminates the Duggar family’s need to check schoolwork late at night, and it allows them to feel more organized and in control throughout the day. Built-in lesson plans and easy-to-make schedules simplify their homeschooling routine. SOS also allows their children in grades 3-12 to homeschool with an effective, Christ-centered curriculum that includes fun-filled, multimedia resources, such as stimulating games, entertaining videos, and engaging projects.

Without a doubt, your homeschooling story is sure to be a success when you use SOS! Why wait? Make your homeschooling year a success like the Duggar family and order your award-winning SOS curriculum today!