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Get 24/7 access to lessons in this online curriculum with over 50,000 multimedia elements, automatic grading, and customizable courses. Monarch offers you five Bible-based core subjects and over 35 electives for grades 3-12.

Switched-On Schoolhouse
Digital learners love the media-rich lessons in this CD-ROM curriculum, and parents love the automatic grading and lesson-planning! Choose from five Bible-based core subjects for grades 3-12, as well as over 35 electives.

Give your student a sense of accomplishment with this self-paced K-12 curriculum. Each Bible-based core course consists of 10 manageable worktext units and integrated lesson plans. LIFEPAC also offers 15 electives.

Engaging, hands-on lessons use an effective spiral learning method to teach your child through introduction, review, and reinforcement. Colorful, Bible-based lessons accompany your step-by-step lesson plans in this teacher-directed curriculum.

The Weaver Curriculum
Take a flexible, topical approach to teaching all of your children at once with this unit-based curriculum. Binders organize Bible-based activities for each grade level, with year-long volumes for K-6 students and coordinating supplements for grades 7-12.

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