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  • I Forgot

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Apr 13th
  • How many times have you heard your homeschooler say, "I'm sorry, but I forgot to read that lesson" or "I forgot to get my assignment done"? When my children were little, saying "I forgot" meant exactly that. Their young minds were still developing and learning how to organize and remember. However, as my children grew older, I realized that "I forgot" was more often an excuse for being lazy or procrastinating. The unintentional forgetfulness they experienced during childhood stood in stark contrast to the forgetfulness of sidestepping their responsibilities as an adult. Read More...

  • Boundaries

    Posted in Daily Focus on Friday, Apr 4th
  • Growing up in the country, my children spent just as much time outside as inside when homeschooling. For their safety and my sanity, we established an invisible boundary around our farm where they could play and explore without my supervision. Expanding upon this concept, we decided to apply this same principle when visiting Grandpa and Grandma's lake home. Since my four-year-old son was still learning how to swim, his boundary had been set within the beach area only. After one reminder, we let him play in the sand, while we continued to observe him from my in-laws' porch only a few feet away. Read More...

  • Who's the Biggest Fool?

    Posted in Daily Focus on Tuesday, Apr 1st
  • We experienced a problem in our homeschooling family as my oldest son grew into his teens. Wanting to be accepted, my son started associating with a new group of friends. At first, I was happy to see my introverted son making new buddies, but then I noticed the beginning of undesirable qualities in his character. My son became more reckless and started showing off by taking foolish risks with his personal belongings, including his car. When my son started fooling me to participate in activities we wouldn't allow, it was time to address the situation. I realized I had been the biggest fool for not putting a stop to his foolishness sooner. Read More...

  • Parent and Teacher

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 23rd
  • Like most homeschoolers, the first few years were a struggle as I taught my children at home. The initial problems were not from a lack of quality curriculum, lesson planning, or teaching methods. Rather, the problems that tempted me to quit came from poor parenting skills. My children had the upper hand. I was bombarded with laziness, silliness, selfishness, and uncooperative spirits, and unfortunately, there was no super nanny to call to set things right. I needed to enforce the rules, so my children could learn to the best of their abilities. Boundaries needed to be set with a firm, but loving hand of correction. When I finally realized that parenting and teaching were synonymous, our homeschooling changed for the better. Read More...

  • Corporate Worship

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 19th
  • For several months I had noticed my teenage son's reluctance to go to church. Thinking we would leave him behind, he was always the last one to wake up on Sunday morning and painstakingly took his time getting ready. After he had caused the entire family to be late for church several Sundays in a row, I knew I needed to speak with him about his actions. The next day during our homeschool devotions, we discussed the topic of worship, and my son blurted out, "I don't need to go to church to worship God. I can worship Him at home just as well as at church!" Read More...

  • Flexible Forgiveness

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 2nd
  • I was always thankful as a homeschooling parent that God designed children to be flexible. Every day I saw my children survive falls and painful bruises that would have made me ache for days. Their ability to bounce back physically from rough and tumble wrestling matches and foolish dare-devil antics was amazing. Even more amazing, however, was the way my children bounced back from emotional hurts. When the stress of the homeschooling day got to me, I repeatedly found myself seeking their forgiveness for my unloving words and impatient actions. Each time my children would quickly say, "That's OK, I understand," and everything would be forgotten. Humbled by their gracious words, I knew my forgiveness wouldn't have come so easily if someone had treated me the same way. Read More...

  • Smooth as Honey

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Mar 1st
  • I heard voices quietly talking in my daughters' bedroom as I put the laundry away in the hall closet. My oldest daughter was coercing her younger sister into trading something with her. Because I couldn't see what was going on, I assumed they were trading old stuffed animals or some other inexpensive toy. As I walked past the door to their room, however, I saw my younger daughter replacing her piggy bank on the shelf. Questioning the transaction, I went on with my work and waited until my older daughter left the room. When my younger daughter was alone, I quietly asked, "What did you just trade with your sister?" Read More...

  • The Power of Prayer

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Feb 22nd
  • Did you really pray for your children today? Although you may be the first to say that your prayers are important, how much time did you actually spend praying — one, five, ten minutes? Were your prayers more than "bless them" and "keep them from harm" prayers? As homeschooling parents, we forget that prayer is the most important thing we can give our children each day. More than our human love and academics, earnest prayer will help our children above anything else in this life. Read More...

  • One Step Behind

    Posted in Daily Focus on Thursday, Feb 20th
  • My youngest son was in trouble, and I didn't know how to help him. Daily, he tried to communicate with his older brother and sisters in a group setting during our homeschooling, but he always seemed to be going in different directions in his conversation. Because he processed information more slowly, his contributions to the discussion seemed disjointed and off topic. Frustrated, he began to withdraw and keep his thoughts to himself. Read More...

  • Birth Order Blues

    Posted in Daily Focus on Monday, Feb 17th
  • A great controversy exists in psychology regarding the relationship between the development of children's personalities and their birth order within the family. After homeschooling my children, one theory I do agree with is the firstborn syndrome. My 18-month-old daughter initially displayed her firstborn characteristics when I brought home her new baby brother. Setting him next to her in the recliner, I could see a look that told me she was not about to share her parents' attention with this new intruder. From that time on, she was always "top dog" in our homeschool family. In schoolwork or play, she was always the leader in control. Although her brother, standing six feet tall, finally outgrew her, the thought to take over never occurred to him. Her rank and authority as the first in the family dictated an unspoken respect and overpowered even his size. Read More...

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