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  • High Waters

    Posted in Daily Focus on Tuesday, Apr 22nd
  • We had seen the dark cloud in the distance. Knowing we were in for another soaker, our family prepared for a torrential downpour. Just as we completed our preparations, however, it seemed like some invisible hand reached out and moved the cloud. After not even receiving a drop of rain, the sun came out and we thought the storm was over, until we heard a flash flood alert on the radio. Apparently, eight inches of rain had fallen in the neighboring town, and a three-foot wall of water was headed our way. Read More...

  • Early Morning Singers

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Apr 20th
  • Their greeting surprised me that morning. As the sun rose, their warbling song filtered through the window and lifted my spirit with the hope of spring. My patience had been running thin for the past several weeks, and God knew that I needed a boost to finish our homeschooling year. With their joyful melodies ministering to my soul, I listened in amazement and smiled as I watched them sing. Their tiny bodies shook and resonated with sound, appearing as if they used their entire being. "Amazing," I thought to myself. "These little wrens do a better job of praising the Lord than I do." Read More...

  • Daily Chores

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Apr 19th
  • What chores have you delegated to your children to keep the homeschooling wheels turning in your family? To save electricity and money, my youngest daughter's chore was hanging up the clothes to dry. Each morning after breakfast, she either hung the clothes outside in the fresh summer air or inside on the drying rack during the winter months. With six people in our family, this task grew into a time-consuming chore. Early on, she discovered that no amount of complaining or procrastinating would relieve her of the responsibility. Learning to face the task with resolve and determination, she acquired a work ethic that has since served her well in the workplace. Read More...

  • Painful Reminders

    Posted in Daily Focus on Friday, Apr 18th
  • The morning started with the warmth of a spring sun and God's prompting to take the children outdoors. Winter had been long, and I knew their spirits needed refreshment. Calling homeschooling off for the afternoon, I sent each child his separate way to enjoy his individual interests. My youngest set out to watch the ants as they built their new home, my oldest started down the road for a bike ride, and my two middle children walked to the paddock for a leisurely horseback ride. Read More...

  • Dandelion Bouquets

    Posted in Daily Focus on Monday, Apr 14th
  • The money shortages we experienced while homeschooling gave our family plenty of opportunities to discover life's simple pleasures. My husband and I enjoyed inexpensive dates, and we found activities for our children that cost very little money. One springtime activity we enjoyed most was having the first picnic of the year and walking barefoot through the new green grass. Read More...

  • I Forgot

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Apr 13th
  • How many times have you heard your homeschooler say, "I'm sorry, but I forgot to read that lesson" or "I forgot to get my assignment done"? When my children were little, saying "I forgot" meant exactly that. Their young minds were still developing and learning how to organize and remember. However, as my children grew older, I realized that "I forgot" was more often an excuse for being lazy or procrastinating. The unintentional forgetfulness they experienced during childhood stood in stark contrast to the forgetfulness of sidestepping their responsibilities as an adult. Read More...

  • Bitter Roots

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Apr 12th
  • "I can't believe it, Mom!" cried my son. "Look at this!" Walking to the flower bed where my son was standing, I looked down and shook my head. Sure enough, the noxious weed that we had been trying to eradicate was back in our flower bed again. Frustrated, I realized the problem was my fault. When we had first moved to our home several years before, I had thought this weed was a flower. Unfortunately, after watching the other flowers choked out by this weed's entwining, tubular roots, I knew I had made a mistake in letting it grow. Read More...

  • The Best Medicine

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Apr 6th
  • To a child, there is only one thing worse than being sick in the winter, and that's being sick during the summer. After all, who wants to lie on the couch when everyone else in the family is having fun playing outside? As I looked at the purple, yellow, and red bottles of medicine in my bathroom cabinet, I heard my young son cry out from the living room couch, "Mom, please don't give me any of those terrible tasting things. They're just going to make me sicker." Although he had been running a fever through the night, I realized my patient wasn't as ill as I previously thought. Ignoring his pleas, I continued to administer the necessary medicine and turned to go back to my work in the kitchen. Grabbing my hand, my son said, "Mom, do you think you could just sit with me for a while?" Read More...

  • You Can't Have It Both Ways

    Posted in Daily Focus on Thursday, Apr 3rd
  • Our children were often frustrated when we first started homeschooling because they didn't know whether to listen to Dad or Mom. Our team-teaching approach was seriously lacking, and after the first year, we realized the problem. Although my husband wanted to help with teaching, he simply didn't know where the children were in their studies. When he attempted to answer their questions in the evening, he actually made things more confusing. Making adjustments, my husband and I decided he should be in charge of teaching only one or two subjects and leave the rest to me. Read More...

  • Who's the Biggest Fool?

    Posted in Daily Focus on Tuesday, Apr 1st
  • We experienced a problem in our homeschooling family as my oldest son grew into his teens. Wanting to be accepted, my son started associating with a new group of friends. At first, I was happy to see my introverted son making new buddies, but then I noticed the beginning of undesirable qualities in his character. My son became more reckless and started showing off by taking foolish risks with his personal belongings, including his car. When my son started fooling me to participate in activities we wouldn't allow, it was time to address the situation. I realized I had been the biggest fool for not putting a stop to his foolishness sooner. Read More...

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