"For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out" (1 Timothy 6:7).

Another typical day had started for our homeschool family, but as it progressed, we noticed the weather changing drastically. The northwest sky looked unusually dark and threatening, and by 2:45 p.m., we knew no ordinary storm was approaching. Hurrying outside, my son covered the garden and flower beds with old blankets, my daughter quickly herded the animals into the barn, and I drove the cars inside the garage and shut the door. As we finished and ran back to the house, the storm let loose with all its fury. Quickly, we ran down the basement steps to my daughter's bedroom and huddled in the corner of her closet. As we watched debris fly by my daughter's small bedroom window and heard the deafening noise of baseball-sized hailstones, we hung on to each other for dear life.

Normally, these storms only lasted a few minutes, but this one went on for almost an hour. When the worst was finally over, we opened my daughter's bedroom door and what we saw made us sick. Glass and hailstones were littered throughout the house and water damage from the rain was everywhere. The force of the wind had embedded pieces of glass into the woodwork, and every window on the north side of our home was completely shattered.

What we saw when we walked outside was even worse. Every tree and shrub on our seven acre farm had been completely defoliated. Our roof was missing half of its shingles, and there were places where the hailstones had gone completely through the plywood sheeting. Holding each other, we thanked God we were safe, but we knew our home was going to be unfit for living and homeschooling for many days.

That awful day our house was damaged, we learned a new definition for the word "homeschooling." As we cried over the damage, we realized that homeschooling wasn't dependent on a house with four walls and a roof. As long as we had each other and our faith in God, we were still a family that could homeschool anywhere.

Lord, each day I take my home for granted and forget that it too is a blessing from You. Thank You for all the comforts my home provides and help me to use it to minister to my family and others. In Jesus' name, Amen.