The Most Off-the-Wall Comments about Homeschooling

We recently asked parents on our Facebook page to share the most ridiculous comments they’ve heard people make about homeschooling. Here are their good-natured responses (plus a little good-humored eye-rolling).

“You homeschool? Do you have goats, too?” - Megan P.

“Are you a teacher?” - Edna H.

“Why would you want to be around your kids all day?” - Maureen R.

“But what about prom?” - Tonya Y.

“Did you join a cult?” - Teena C.

“Do they have any friends?” - Melissa P.

“Do they really learn anything?” - Amy S.

“How will they learn to sit criss-cross applesauce?” - Michelle H.

“God made teachers so you don’t have to do that.” - Dusti T.

“What is wrong with your child that they can’t sit in a classroom all day?” - Michelle N.

“How are you teaching your children without a teaching degree?” - Charlotte W.

“How will they get along when they marry?” - Wendi C.

“They will become unsocialized hermits. Why would you do that to them?” - Karen P.

“Well if they turn out stupid, you will know who to blame!’” - Christy S.

“Your boys are homeschooled? But they are so normal!” - Lori S.

“You’re so lucky. You don’t have to worry about buying clothes and school supplies.” - Letha F.

“Homeschooling? But… how will he learn to read?” - Terri M.

“Moms who homeschool are just too lazy to get up early and get their kids ready for school.” - Jennifer B.

“Oh! You’re one of THOSE people!” - Betty J.

“My son went to get his haircut and the lady cutting his hair asked what school he went to. He said, ‘I am homeschooled,’ to which she asked, ‘Where do you go for that?’” - Denise W.