Remember how insecure and alone you felt when you first started homeschooling? Now, you can help other homeschool families avoid that painful experience by listing your homeschool group at Alpha Omega Publications®.

As a seasoned homeschool parent, you understand how valuable a homeschool group can be. In fact, you've probably personally experienced all five of our top benefits of homeschool groups:

1. Meet new people and make new friends
2. Share experiences, information, and ideas
3. Participate in group activities like sports, field trips, and volunteer projects
4. Gain support and encouragement from networking
5. Strengthen and enrich your homeschooling experience

Others are waiting to discover these blessings, too, so be a light to other homeschool families and make your homeschool group more accessible. Simply list your homeschool group on AOP's growing state-by-state list today! Also, watch our episode "Are Homeschool Co-ops Worth Your Time?"

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