Melt-Their-Heart Milkshakes

Melt-Their-Heart Milkshakes
Fill a glass jar with treats, add some sparkle, and present your sweet pea with one of these super cute Melt-Your-Heart Milkshakes on Valentine’s Day. Items to incorporate can include candies, pom-poms, pencils, erasers, stamps, stickers, and just about anything heart-shaped. Make your milkshake girly by adding barrettes and lip gloss, or include small cars and action figures for your little man. Using a jar or glass from your cabinet, you can pull off this cute craft for under $3.

There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with handmade gifts. This Valentine’s Day, put a personal touch on tokens for your sweethearts with these fun and affordable crafts.

Heart Crayons

Valentine Crayons
Bake a tray of many-hued heart crayons for your kiddos this February 14. Sugar-free and full of color, this activity yields one dozen kaleidoscopic crayons in less than an hour. First, soak two 24-packs of crayons in water for 10 minutes to loosen the papers. Peel the papers from your crayons and chop them up using a utility knife. Fill a heart-shaped cupcake tin or silicone ice cube tray (available at many local retailers) with your crayon bits. Pop the tray into the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes.

Preparing Crayons              Valentine Crayons