In addition to the 2013 Edition of Switched-On Schoolhouse, we’re releasing new electives and features for SOS and Monarch this spring, as well as the NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible. Then, AOP will introduce a Horizons preschool program for three-year-olds this fall.

Switched-On Schoolhouse 2013 Edition
Coming April 1, the improved Switched-On Schoolhouse includes first-time features and three new Career and Technical Education (CTE) electives for high school:
• SOS Office Applications I: Tutorials for Microsoft® Word®, PowerPoint®, and Publisher®
• SOS Office Applications II: Tutorials for Microsoft® Access® and Excel®
• Small Business Entrepreneurship.

AOP’s online curriculum has gained free upgrades and a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) elective for high school. Small Business Entrepreneurship is a one-semester course that covers topics like the creation, development, and organization of a small business and the challenges and benefits of being one’s own boss.

Horizons Preschool for Three’s (Available: Fall 2013)
Featuring 40 weeks of lessons and activities, this program addresses your three-year-old’s cognitive development, pre-reading and numeracy skills, language acquisition, and school readiness. Horizons Preschool for Three’s also strengthens children socially, emotionally, and spiritually by leading them to know that God made them and gave them great gifts.

NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible
Alongside the text of the NIV Bible, find spiritual nourishment for homeschooling with a year’s worth of heartfelt and practical readings by a veteran homeschool mom. Featuring the popular Daily Focus devotionals, this book discusses how to stay motivated to homeschool, avoid burnout, and grow spiritually while juggling educational and household duties.

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