How do homeschoolers learn about homeschool curriculum and products?  Through each other!  Sure, there is a wide variety of curriculum information available that can help you, but don’t personal testimonies from the families that have experience using a curriculum really aid you in deciding what to use?

Does your child thrive by using Horizons Math?  Does your family get along better since you’ve began using The Weaver Curriculum®?  Do your children enjoy school now that they can use the computer regularly with Switched-On Schoolhouse®? Whatever your family’s story is we want to hear it and share it with others.

Remember when you were searching the internet for the best homeschooling products to meet your family’s needs? Remember how you felt when you read a testimony about someone using a product that gave them the kind of results you desired? Now you can be that calming voice for someone else.

Click here and share your testimony with us; children are invited to share their thoughts and experiences as well. Your voices could be the reassurance another family needs as they strive to make the best homeschooling decisions. Don’t wait; share your experience today!