Top Ten Reasons to Homeschool

At Alpha Omega Publications®, we believe you'll find the following homeschooling benefits convincing reasons to start educating your child at home:

1. Flexible Schedules
No more crazy mornings getting your child up early and ready for school. Instead, enjoy homeschooling on your time, while your child is refreshed and relaxed.

2. Customizable Curriculum
Forget tedious and boring busywork. Suit the needs and individual interests of your child by letting him pursue subjects and topics that accentuate his talents.

3. Individual Attention
One-on-one teaching allows your child to learn at the pace he needs to firmly grasp a particular concept.

4. Family Togetherness
Mutual love, respect, and closeness are enhanced while homeschooling because learning together becomes an extension of the family's daily activities.

5. Fun-filled Learning
Rather than just making a grade, homeschooling allows your child to use the learning style that best suits him to promote a lifelong love of learning.

6. Moral and Religious Instruction
Christian beliefs and ethics can be incorporated into the curriculum, removing conflicting messages between what's taught and what's practiced.

7. Positive Social Interaction
Exposure to multiple age groups enables your child to make a variety of friendships and socialize confidently with others outside his peer group.

8. Safety
The absence of bullying, gangs, drugs, and dangerous weapons allows your child to learn better within a loving environment.

9. Self-confidence
Since your child doesn't have to worry about being embarrassed in front of peers, homeschooling allows him to be more creative and willing to take risks while learning.

10. Life Skills
Developing a sense of personal responsibility, your child can learn how to manage a home, handle finances, and better care for himself as an adult.