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The Personal Care Series Exercise is an excellent addition to the LIFEPAC Health course. Students learn the importance of exercise as it relates to their daily lives. Comprehension is tested and reinforced through questions, summarizing, and using charts and graphs. Fun activities include crossword puzzles and word searches. Grades 6 and up.

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What do the human body and the automobile have in common? Both need tune-ups to work efficiently. Just as a car needs oil and gasoline to make the parts go, the human body needs exercise. Exercise makes us feel better, improves our strength and coordination, increases oxygen flow, and helps to keep us healthy. The human body, just like a car, is made to move. When it doesn't, things start to break down. This easy-to-use book is a great way to provide students with up-to-date information on the principles of exercise while simultaneously improving their reading comprehension skills. Relevant, high-interest activities follow each reading selection and challenge student's to: read for details, make inferences, find the main idea, find facts, summarize data, build vocabulary, draw conclusions, restate information, and make decisions.

Targeted for grades six and up, the topics covered include aerobic exercise, blood pressure, strength, circulation, endurance, pumping iron, running, fitness, tennis, conditioning, flexibility, pulse rate, and stamina. Improve reading comprehension and help your homeschool student get started on the road to a life-long pattern of good exercise. Activities involve using charts, graphs, glossaries, answering questions, summarizing, and more. So don't wait—order Personal Care Series Exercise from Alpha Omega Publications today!
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