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Based on a true story, Homeless for the Holidays is an inspirational movie about a man and his family who hit rock bottom. Jack Baker once held a position of high power, but now the tables are turned, and he's the one asking for help. Along the way, Jack learns what's truly important in life with a few lessons he will never forget. (Approx. Running Time: 105 min.)

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Teach your homeschool family what's truly important in life with the Homeless for the Holidays DVD from Alpha Omega Publications. When a fellow employee changes a label at the pharmaceutical company, Jack Baker, a successful marketing director, is wrongfully accused and loses his job. Unable to find another executive position in a shaky economy, he eventually accepts a humiliating job flipping burgers. With his minimum wage job not making ends meet, Jack's life begins to spiral downward. First, the electricity is turned off, then his car is repossessed, and finally, his family loses their home. When they're forced to live in a tent, it becomes apparent that unless something changes, Jack, his wife, Sheryl, and their two children could lose everything by Christmas.

An inspiring film with a timely message that hits home for today's families, Homeless for the Holidays affirms that money isn't everything. Helping instill a deeper compassion for those going through hard times, this DVD leaves a lasting impression to give to others and be thankful for God's blessings.

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