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Dan Donahue (Thom Mathews) has finally met the woman of his dreams, but on the night he is going to propose, he is overcome by a deep-rooted anger at his father (John Ashton) who abandoned him as a boy. Now, Dan confronts his feelings of bitterness in a letter to his father. As Dan writes, his pain and ultimate joy are revealed as he grows from a troubled teen into a strong, spiritual man. Based on a true story, A Letter to Dad explores how faith and love can overcome a lifetime of pain and anger. The soundtrack includes songs from Jeremy Camp and Thousand Foot Krutch. (Approx. Running Time: 86 minutes)

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Inspired by a true story, A Letter to Dad illustrates how forgiveness can overcome a lifetime of pain and anger. The movie follows Dan Donahue (Thom Matthews) as he struggles to accept being abandoned by his father, Mike (John Ashton, Beverly Hills Cop), as a boy. On the night Dan is going to propose to the woman of his dreams, he is suddenly overcome by a deeply-rooted anger toward his father. Pouring out his heart in a letter, Dan confronts the past and the painful events of his childhood.

From the director of Cutback, A Letter to Dad culminates in a dramatic face-to-face meeting in which Mike must face his own failures as a father and the son he left behind. Featuring songs from Christian music artists Jeremy Camp, Adie Camp, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Decyfer Down, this coming-of-age DVD reminds us that we must make peace with the past before we can face the future.

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