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Watch your child’s excitement as he observes a clear-bodied tadpole grow into a frog with the Grow-a-Frog kit. The perfect complement to your homeschool science curriculum, this kit includes a coupon for a tadpole, aquarium, underwater landscaping, specially-formulated frog food, and a Fun and Facts Handbook with handling and care instructions. Note: This product is not available in other countries, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

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Spice up your elementary science lesson plans with the fascinating Grow-a-Frog kit from Alpha Omega Publications. Perfect for the hands-on learner in your homeschool, Grow-a-Frog teaches your child amazing scientific facts about the development of a frog as he watches a clear-bodied tadpole grow legs, lose its tail, and turn into a little frog in just 3 to 4 weeks!

How does it work? Simple. First your child will mail in the attached coupon to receive his new tadpole (guaranteed to arrive happy and healthy via first class mail within 2 to 4 weeks.) Next, he’ll follow the step-by-step directions to prepare the tad-pool with the deco-plant, nutri-sand, and bottled spring water. Lastly, your child will place his new tadpole into the tad-pool and feed it one level spoonful of stage-one food every day until its front arms grow all the way out. Isn’t that easy? Throughout the entire process, your child will learn more about frogs with the delightful Gilly & Lilly characters in the informative Fun and Facts Handbook. What could be more exciting to a young biologist? Great for homeschool science projects, the Grow-a-Frog kit will provide hours of educational enjoyment. Take your science class from ordinary to extraordinary—add the Grow-a-Frog kit to your shopping cart today!
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