Illustrated Dictionary of Physics

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Make your homeschool physics lessons more clear with colorful, brightly illustrated explanations and easy-to-follow examples in the Illustrated Dictionary of Physics. This supplemental science resource contains in-depth definitions of key physics terms and concepts in one convenient 130-page, softbound book. Includes Internet links.

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Does your child know the difference between kinetic energy and mechanical energy? Is he familiar with Newton's laws of motion, mechanical and electromagnetic waves, and Faraday's laws of electrolysis? With the Illustrated Dictionary of Physics from Alpha Omega Publications, your child will reinforce his understanding of these physics concepts and more with in-depth explanations, eye-catching diagrams, easy-to-follow examples, and full-color illustrations. Divided into six sections—heat, waves, mechanics and general physics, electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, and general physics—this supplemental physics resource perfectly complements your homeschool science curriculum. The comprehensive index and detailed cross-reference guide helps your child easily locate the current physics topic he's studying. As he reads the clearly-outlined information, he'll eliminate any confusion and answer his questions. Physics will no longer be an unknown and your child will have a reference tool to remind him of key physics concepts whenever performing calculations on daily assignments or studying for tests.

But we're not done yet! The Illustrated Dictionary of Physics also includes a chart on the properties of substances, a list of elements, and a glossary of common physics terms. What’s more, this helpful physics resource book also contains Internet links to interesting and exciting websites where you can find out more about the topics your child is studying. He’ll be able to test his physics knowledge with puzzles, games, and quizzes; take an interactive journey through modern physics; and even email questions to online science experts. Sound like what you’re looking for in a physics resource? Give your child the tool he needs to be a successful physicist. Order the Illustrated Dictionary of Physics for your child today!
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