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From the engineering marvel of the human foot to the eye's ten billion calculations per second, Gillen's exploration of basic anatomy and physiology consistently testifies that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! This ideal high school text offers clear explanations, examples, diagrams, and illustrations of the human body.

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Body By Design defines the basic anatomy and physiology in each of the eleven body systems from a biblical viewpoint! Every chapter examines different organs and structures giving evidence for theistic design. Focus sections, which highlight the interwoven complexity between the body systems, are also included. Students are challenged to think through the evidence—the facts as we know them today—and to consider the statistical likelihood of macroevolution. The end result is an effective, interwoven presentation of anatomy, physiology, and creation. The author consistently highlights fascinating processes that would make even a staunch evolutionist wonder, and admit that he can't really explain just how something came to be.

Written from a pro-creation viewpoint, this Christian supplemental text seeks to give all credit and glory to God. The ideal textbook for high school level students, it utilizes tables, graphs, focus sections, diagrams, illustrations to provide clear examples, and explanations of the ideas presented. Special explorations of each body system look closely at disease aspects, current events, and discoveries, while profiling scientists who have made remarkable breakthroughs. Would you like your child to understand the workings of the human body? Then act now and order Body By Design from Alpha Omega Publications today! It's the perfect addition to any homeschool health curriculum.
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