2011 HSMA Winners

Top Dog

Top Dog

Congratulations to our grand prize winner!


Jamerrill S.

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2,291 Votes
"The Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner

Turns every random event in life into a homeschool lesson.

Jolanthe E.

Jolanthe E.

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415 Votes

The Double-Take

Did she really just say that?


Jolanthe E.

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605 Votes

Homeschooling Juggler

Mixes in walks with the kids, school lessons, and chocolate breaks all while on Twitter.

579 Votes
"The Sage

The Sage

Gives the best advice about kids, homeschooling, pets, and cleaning.


Sally C.

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379 Votes
"Most Inspirational

Most Inspirational

Always inspires others with her encouraging words of wisdom.


Rachel M.

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448 Votes

Side Splitter

Always makes you laugh out loud.

337 Votes
"The Homeschool Dad

The Homeschool Dad

Active in his household and online, all while supporting his family.

245 Votes
"The Vlogger

The Vlogger

Always brightens our day on camera without a trace of stage fright.

319 Votes

The Thrifty Thinker

You can always count on a deal or coupon with this frugal friend.


Crystal P.

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500 Votes


Whatever camera she has, she is willing to capture the moment and share it with the world.

653 Votes

All Nominees!

Congratulations to all the outstanding moms and dads who were nominated for AOP's Homeschool Social Media Awards!