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Experience the life and events of Christ on Earth with Monarch 7th Grade Bible. This online Alpha Omega curriculum has interactive lessons that teach about God's attributes, God's divinity, Psalms, Hebrew poetry, the purpose of Advent, and worship. Videos clips, audio files, and learning games are used to make learning fun. Monarch homeschool subscriptions are for one child and last for 18 months beginning on the date of purchase.

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Monarch 7th Grade Bible has dynamic online lessons about Christ's life on Earth. With access to numerous multimedia elements, this seventh grade Alpha Omega curriculum makes learning fun. Video clips, vivid graphics, games, and animation help teach why we should worship, the fall of mankind, and living a new life in Christ. Plus, this computer-based Monarch homeschool program offers the King James version of the Bible for memorization and study. Exciting and comprehensive, Monarch 7th Grade Bible can be used with Windows® or Macintosh® systems, and no installation is required. Imagine no more waiting and no more shipping costs. Within seconds, your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education.

So don't hesitate. Immerse your child in Monarch 7th Grade Bible anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available. Plus, this one-year Monarch homeschool program has appealing curriculum tools. Assignment screens show both homeschoolers and parents daily assignments, due dates, and grades. Parents reduce paperwork with automatic grading and lesson planning. Approximately 85% of a homeschooler's work is graded automatically. Content is real-time and is updated automatically to keep the Monarch homeschool curriculum current and the secure data storage keeps a homeschooler's academic record for seven years. Order Monarch 7th Grade Bible from Alpha Omega Publications today, and give your child the best in online Bible education.
Scope & Sequence

7th Grade Scope and Sequence
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Lesson Objectives

7th Grade Lesson Objectives
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On-Demand Presentations

7th Grade On-Demand Presentations:
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Grade Specific Presentations:

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