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Prepare your homeschooler for adulthood with Monarch Family & Consumer Science for grades 7-12! This online ten-unit Monarch homeschool elective has fun, interactive lessons about housekeeping, cooking, and finance. Available online 24/7, this multimedia Alpha Omega curriculum uses video clips, games, and audio files to reinforce comprehension. Monarch homeschool subscriptions are for one child and last for 18 months beginning on the date of purchase.

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Let Monarch Family & Consumer Science help teach your 7th-12th grade homeschooler basic life skills in a fun, interactive environment. This computer-based Monarch homeschool curriculum has access to many multimedia elements such as video clips, animation, and games to enhance learning. Don't hesitate. Build your homeschooler's homemaking skills with engaging multimedia lessons about cooking, cleaning, decorating, finances, child care, and relationships. This one-year Alpha Omega curriculum program also emphasizes the importance of building good character qualities and a Christian home life. Because this online course is also fully compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® systems, learning can take place at home, on vacation, or anywhere an Internet connection is available.

No installation is required. Your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education within seconds. Imagine no more waiting and no more shipping costs. Imagine less paperwork and planning. Monarch Family & Consumer Science eliminates endless hours of work with features that save time and stress. The automatic grading and lesson planning tool approximately grades 85% of your homeschooler's work, giving you more time to teach. Lessons are also automatically saved, so there is no need to create backup files. The customizable school calendar makes scheduling easy, and the resource tool puts references at your fingertips. Order Monarch Family & Consumer Science from Alpha Omega Publications today, and let our online Alpha Omega curriculum meet your homeschooling needs.
Scope & Sequence

Electives Scope and Sequence
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Lesson Objectives

Electives Lesson Objectives
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On-Demand Presentations

Electives On-Demand Presentations:
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