Monarch Features

Let Alpha Omega Publications release the wonder of learning in your homeschool with these exciting Monarch features:

No InstallationNo Installation
Completely online, Monarch makes software installation a thing of the past! With just a username and password, you're curriculum-ready in seconds.


Anytime AccessAnytime Access
Learning never stops! Perfect for your on-the-go schedule, Monarch's Christian homeschool curriculum is accessible around the clock.


Full CompatibilityPC and Mac® Compatible
Monarch is compatible with most web browsers on both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems.


Dynamic, Media-rich LessonsDynamic, Media-rich Lessons (See Now)
Bring learning to life with over 50,000 multimedia elements! Immerse your child in an enriching, multi-dimensional educational experience that includes video clips, audio files, challenging games, interactive exercises, and more.


Automatic GradingAutomatic Grading (See Now)
Enjoy freedom from paperwork! Automatic grading and recordkeeping conveniently record lesson assignments, test scores, and upcoming assignments for more hands-on teaching time.


Real-time Content UpdatesReal-time Content Updates (See Now)
Unlike traditional textbooks, Monarch provides your child with the most up-to-date content. Course updates are made automatically, so you never have to install updates again.


Secure Date StorageSecure Data Storage
Monarch's secure learning environment stores your child's academic records for seven years after your subscription ends. Accessible anytime, your child's grades are neatly logged, so you have everything you need to accurately prepare high school transcripts.


Automatic Feature UpdatesAutomatic Feature Updates
Get more for your money! Eliminating the need for future upgrades, Monarch gives you continual and seamless access to its latest curriculum improvements and technology features at no additional cost.


No Daily Database BackupsNo Daily Database Backups
With Monarch, you'll never have to worry about losing your child's work if your computer crashes. Plus, there's no need to create backup files to your hard drive for completed daily lessons, quizzes, and tests. Every time you log off, you can enjoy the convenience of your child's assignments being automatically saved.


Eco-friendly, Green LearningEco-friendly, Green Learning
Concerned about saving Earth's environment? Monarch's unsurpassed online learning program lets you leave a smaller carbon footprint in the world by eliminating the need for textbooks, CD-ROM software, or printed copies of assignments.


Enhanced Security FeaturesEnhanced Security Features
Get peace of mind! Monarch offers secure sessions and encryption, as well as strong password protection to keep your personal information safe. Special security features also reduce opportunities for students to cheat on tests and quizzes.


Printing OptionsPrinting Options (See Now)
Monarch's flexible printing options allow parents and students to print entire assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, problems, and records.


Historical TimelinesHistorical Timelines (See Now)
Put homeschooling lessons into historical context! Monarch lets your child see the big picture by simply clicking on any linked date in the Christian homeschool curriculum to find out what was happening during that point in history.


Customized Roles for Individual LearningCustomized Roles for Individual Learning (See Now)
Because each child has a unique learning style, Monarch features the ability to define a separate learning environment for each student. With a personalized dashboard, students can quickly view their completed work and task list for each day.


Enhanced Customizable School Calendar (See Now)
Monarch lets you customize your calendar to fit any homeschool schedule. Now, you can easily assign or remove school days, exclude date ranges, or celebrate your child's birthday with a day off from school.


Book ReportsBook Reports (See Now)
Monarch's book reports in grades 3-8 expand your child's understanding of written works with different genres, annotated book lists, and links to additional resources. Plus, thought-provoking questions provide guidelines to reflect, evaluate, and report on books of your child's choice.


Assignment ScreensAssignment Screens (See Now)
Know what's coming up in Monarch with handy screens that show your child's daily assignments, a curriculum overview, due dates, subject reviews, and grades.


Eye-catching VideosEye-catching Videos (See Now)
Go beyond textbooks! With thousands of videos, Monarch's Christian homeschool curriculum offers your child a multi-faceted learning experience. Video clips also are integrated throughout lessons for quick concept explanations.


Student ModeStudent Mode (See Now)
Make learning fun! With the student mode, your child can view presentations and complete lesson questions in or out of sequence.


Student ModeEnriching Games (See Now)
Help students grasp difficult concepts and master lessons with educational games, including Farmer Frank, All Right, and Quiz Bowl.


Student ModeHelp Features (See Now)
Get the help you need with printable teacher and student user guides, customer service and technical support contact information, feedback forms, and more.


Student ModeHomepage Themes (See Now)
Customize your learning environment to fit your own personality with a wide variety of eye-catching themes.


Student ModeMessage Center (See Now)
Communication is easy with Monarch's internal messaging system! Parents and students can send messages to personal mailboxes, and alert notifications indicate unread messages for timely responses to questions.


Student ModeText-to-Speech (See Now)
Auditory learners and students with reading comprehension difficulties will love this exciting feature. Simply highlight an entire lesson or passage, select from multiple voices and speeds, and have Monarch's lesson text read out loud as the student follows along.