Monarch Webinars

Sign up for a free Monarch training webinar to learn about the amazing features of AOP's online Christian curriculum and how Monarch can benefit your homeschooling.

Offered at several convenient time slots, Monarch webinars are live online sessions led by AOP training specialists. Participants join an online session hosted by a Monarch expert who speaks over a standard telephone line while demonstrating the curriculum on his or her own computer. Audience members follow the online presentation step-by-step on their own screens, and they can communicate directly with the speaker through chat or over the phone.

Monarch Access

If you're a current Monarch user, log in to your Monarch homeschool curriculum from anywhere in the world and release the wonder of learning.

Monarch Technical Support

Welcome to Monarch technical support from Alpha Omega Publications. To troubleshoot computer access problems or get answers to your day-to-day Monarch curriculum questions, AOP has five convenient ways to help you.

1.  Call Monarch technical support at 888-881-4958. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

2.  Email Monarch technical support.

3.  Search or browse the technical support database.

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* All files are in PDF file format and require you to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer in order to view them. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

In addition to a reliable High Speed Internet Connection and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player, you must have one of the following browsers:

Supported Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 29+
  • Google Chrome 33+
  • Safari 6, 7 (OSX only)

Best Effort Browser
(We'll do our best to help if you use this browser, but we cannot guarantee anything. We STRONGLY recommend you use a supported browser.)
  • Internet Explorer 9
Please note: If your computer is running Microsoft XP, we recommend using Google Chrome to access Monarch.