Drive Thru History: Greece and the Word

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The second in the Drive Thru History series, Greece and the Word is a fast-paced tour of ancient Greece! Meet notable men like Alexander the Great and the Apostle Paul. Learn the origins of the Olympics, solve the mystery of the Oracle, and relive Paul's missionary journeys. The reality and history of the Bible comes alive for you and your family! Approx. Running Time: 95 min.

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Explore the history of Western Civilization with host Dave Stotts in this fast-paced, humorous trip through Greece! You'll encounter the people, places, and events that helped shape Western Civilization and the world as we know it. In this second release, Dave doesn't just talk about history; he lives it in fast, easy-to-follow road trips that reinforce a Christian worldview.

The DVD contains three episodes. In the first episode Dave will hop on a car ferry that will take him to a road that winds up the mysterious mountain where you could once find the Oracle at Delphi. After some fun, Dave looks at the origin of the Olympics, follows the conquests of Alexander the Great, and begins a look at the Apostle Paul. In the second episode Dave gets lost, this time in Athens. Dave will take you to the Acropolis and the Parthenon for a look at the finest architecture in the world. Next, you get a quick lesson in Greek philosophy and learn about Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. Last, but not least, in the third episode, Dave looks at the impact of Apostle Paul's visit to Athens. This episode is perhaps the most thorough, yet condensed story of Paul's missionary journeys ever produced for television. Dave also visits the ruins of ancient Corinth and discusses the strategic importance this city through the ages. Dave examines the Apostle Paul's life in Corinth and his writings to the church there—writings that forever changed history.

The Drive Thru History series received the Homeschool Friendly 2005 Stamp of Approval from Homeschooling Parent Magazine, so enjoy watching this entertaining DVD while taking a break from your busy homeschool day. It is recommended for ages 12 and up, although younger children will learn from it too. Place the DVD in your computer CD-ROM drive to view and print the discussion guide! Act now and order Greece and the Word from Alpha Omega Publications today!

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