Christian Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

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Monarch™ is an interactive online curriculum for grades 3-12 that's accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. With no installation required, this Christian homeschool curriculum sets the standard in Christian online learning with media-rich lessons, real-time content, and time-saving tools like automatic grading. Compatible with any web browser on a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system, Monarch offers the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science, as well as over 35 diverse electives.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Switched-On Schoolhouse® is a CD-ROM Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 that incorporates cutting-edge multimedia like video clips, animations, and more. Using state-of-the-art technology, this desktop curriculum features a biblical worldview, customizable homepage themes, and time-saving tools like automatic grading and lesson planning. The five core subjects available are Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science. SOS also offers over 35 enriching electives.

LIFEPAC® is a full-color, worktext curriculum that uses a mastery learning approach, so students master the content before progressing to the next unit. This Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K-12 is comprised of consumable unit worktexts that conveniently coordinate subject text, exercises, projects, reviews, and tests. LIFEPAC includes the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science, as well as over 15 electives.

Horizons is a Christian homeschool curriculum for grades PreK-12 that includes engaging workbooks and motivating, hands-on lessons. Horizons Math and Language Arts courses use a spiral learning approach of concept introduction, frequent review, and reinforcement. Horizons curriculum includes the following courses: Preschool, Physical Education (PreK-12), Phonics & Reading (K-3), Math (K-8), Health (K-8), Penmanship (1-5), and Spelling & Vocabulary (1-3).

The Weaver Curriculum® is a unit-based curriculum for grades PreK-12 that weaves Scripture throughout each lesson. Based on the Old Testament and the life of Christ in the New Testament, this Christian homeschool curriculum allows multiple students to study the same topic at the same time with individual lessons and activities for each student's grade level. Each volume represents one year of lessons in subjects like Bible, science, geology, geography, language arts, health, and art.

Homeschool Resources offer your family fun, hands-on resources that are perfect for enriching student learning. AOP's diverse resources include history DVDs, reading resources, grade-level readers, math idea books, science movies and kits, games, music software, art books, CD-ROMs, and more. Great for enhancing daily lessons, these colorful, knowledge-building resources can be used as supplements to any Christian homeschool curriculum from preschool to high school.

Family Entertainment provides enriching music CDs and DVDs that are perfect for your entire homeschool family. Hand-selected to ensure Christian content, AOP's family-friendly entertainment includes sing along CDs, animated children's films, documentaries, inspirational DVDs, educational teaching videos, and more. Find quality entertainment that will educate, inspire, and enrich your family. Selections are available for preschool through high school.