Switched-On Schoolhouse® Features

SOS is a Christian homeschool curriculum that makes homeschooling easy and fun. Here's a list of curriculum features:

quick installQuick Installation
With a few clicks, Switched-On Schoolhouse is loaded and ready to use.


Automatic GradingAutomatic Grading (See Now)
Parents can easily preview assignments and keep track of student scores, assignments, and grading needed to be completed. This wonderful time-saving feature gives parents more hands-on time with students and less time with paperwork!


Daily Work ReportDaily Work Report (See Now)
Track your student's day-to-day progress with this handy report tool! Parents can quickly view daily student activity, promote student accountability, and print valuable records for documentation.


Revised ContentRevised Content (See Now)
Unlike traditional textbooks, Switched-On Schoolhouse brings your child up-to-date information, more activities, new problems, and text changes.


Voice Automated Lesson TextText-to-Speech (See Now)
With this voice automated feature, students simply choose a passage or the entire lesson and have it read aloud to them.


Customizable Homepage ThemesHomepage Themes (See Now)
Make your homeschooling more fun and exciting with over 35 eye-catching desktop themes that include Camping by Starlight, FluxWave, Owl in the Family, Panda Playtime, and more.


Enriching GamesEnriching Games (See Now)
Interactive games like Farmer Frank, All Right, and Quiz Bowl provide students with fun ways to master lesson content.


Automatic Curriculum UpdatesAutomatic Curriculum Updates (See Now)
Don't worry about downloading content updates! Course revisions automatically download via AOP's server, saving you time and giving your child up-to-date information. (SOS users without Internet access can receive updates by requesting an installable CD with SOS revisions).


Custom Curriculum and ProjectsCustom Curriculum and Projects (See Now)
Customize your Christian homeschool curriculum by combining, adding, or removing units and assignments. You can also create additional exercises like field trips.


Advanced Lesson PlanningAdvanced Lesson Planning (See Now)
Put away that bulky lesson planner! Each child can have a personalized lesson plan to pace him correctly, and it can be modified day by day if needed.


Book ReportsBook Reports (See Now)
In grades 3-8 of the language arts curriculum, student projects feature genre highlights, book lists, and links to additional resources.


Message CenterMessage Center (See Now)
Switched-On Schoolhouse's two-way, internal communication allows parents and students to attach messages to problems and view them from within an easily-accessed, personal mailbox. Parents also can create completed quiz and test alerts to stay on top of student achievement results.


Built-in CalendarBuilt-in Calendar (See Now)
The calendar features allow you to assign or unassign school days, exclude date ranges, and add or remove events like field trips and holidays.


Individual Weekday SchedulingIndividual Weekday Scheduling (See Now)
With this flexible, schedule-friendly feature, you can easily assign courses to select days of the week. For example, you can assign math only on Mondays and Tuesdays or schedule history just on Fridays.


Video ClipsVideo Clips (See Now)
Integrated into the curriculum, videos give students an up-close look at subject topics.


Instant Audio FeedbackInstant Audio Feedback
Give your child positive reinforcement with this user-friendly feature that gives immediate audio feedback on answers to questions.


Printing OptionsPrinting Options (See Now)
Students and parents can easily print entire lessons, problems, records, vocabulary lists, and assignments that include the student's name.


Resource CenterResource Center (See Now)
A calculator, interactive periodic table of elements, dictionary, and personal journal are conveniently provided to make homeschooling easier for students and teachers.


Personalized JournalPersonalized Journal (See Now)
Improve writing skills by encouraging daily journaling. This engaging feature within the student and teacher modes allows you to choose from an assortment of writing tools and easily locate past entries by date or topic.


Highlighting ToolHighlighting Tool (See Now)
Students can choose colors and highlight text for easy studying.


Help ButtonHelp Button (See Now)
This feature offers specific assistance for different types of question formats within this Christian homeschool curriculum.


Practice LessonsPractice Lessons (See Now)
This practical tool walks students through a lesson during the initial setup period and explains different SOS features, so students and parents are familiar with the curriculum and grading functionality.


Practice LessonsMiSOS (See Now)
Add a spark of fun to your SOS learning experience with customizable homepage features. MiSOS lets parents and students personalize their learning environment with homepage themes, desktop widgets, avatars, and more.


Practice LessonsVocabulary Arcade (See Now)
Master spelling words and vocabulary definitions with educational games like Vocabulocity, Full Speed, Moon Match, Word Hike, Balancing Act, Pick a Pail, and Spelling Bee.