Weaver Supplement Volume 5

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Weaver Supplement Volume 5 will take your older child through an in-depth study of the life of Christ, including His resurrection. While studying ancient Rome they'll follow in His footsteps as He preaches from town to town, and relive the miracles surrounding His life and death. Lessons correspond with Weaver Volume 5 studies.

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Who was Jesus? What did He do, where did He go, who did He see, and why did He die? If questions like these intrigue you, then Weaver Supplement Volume 5 will be the highlight of your homeschooling journey. Let me explain. We all want our children to reflect Christ in their lives. What better way to teach them about Jesus than to study His life? Step back in time with the Weaver curriculum and walk with Jesus and His disciples. Enjoy a meal with Him, witness the miracles He performed, and study the covenant He made with God the Father. Your older children will also come away with a better understanding of ancient governments as you teach them using Weaver Supplement Volume 5.
It's no wonder parents are using The Weaver CurriculumĀ® to educate their children from grades K-12. Bible-based and reusable, the flexibility of this unit-study program allows you to teach all your children at the same time. Your junior and senior high school homeschool children will enjoy research reports, individual questions, charts, and diagrams while using the Supplement Volume 5. Order your copy of Weaver Supplement Volume 5 today from Alpha Omega Publications and teach your children together.
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