The Weaver Curriculum Features

The Weaver Curriculum is a unit study Christian homeschool curriculum that uses a daily Bible theme as its foundation and makes each day of learning an exciting new adventure.

Anytime AccessBiblically Integrated
The Weaver Curriculum is a unique program because it is biblically integrated. Instead of adding Scripture to something that has already been written, Weaver starts with Scripture and draws in the various topics and subjects to be studied.


Anytime AccessFamily-friendly
Weaver is unit study at its best! Whenever possible, all the students in the family study the same topics at the same time with individual lesson assignments geared to each student's age and grade level. For example, when the first grader is drawing a frog and learning where the frog lives, the sixth grader is studying the life cycle of a frog and drawing it in detail.


Anytime AccessHands-on
Weaver is a hands-on, activity-based curriculum. Students learn by using as many senses as possible, so Weaver guides them to use them all! The lessons include projects, maps, murals, timelines, models, collections, field trips, research, experiments, and other interactive activities. These features work together to help students retain more information.